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  Work aligning gifts and resources

We approach work as an opportunity for constant learning and expressing our uniqueness. 
Considering that most people look for a deepening sense of satisfaction through their work, it is important to recognize the essential qualities we have been gifted with, and how they can be shared with others and with our environment.
Clearly, almost any work we choose to engage, requires arrangement of different levels of skills: practicality, personal interactions, planning, intuition, communication, a vision of possibilities, and their integration. 
As each one of these levels  is related to the function of the different chakras, CHAKRAVIVA enhances our capacity to recognize our own resources, as well as apply them in a meaningful way. Both DVDs activate the sensitivity of these different levels of energy, increasing awareness and self-confidence.
CHARKAVIVA has the power to effectively align our actions with our hearts and minds, so that work becomes an adventure into self-discovery, an offer to LIFE, rather than merely a give and take. Only then, we can make a meaningful contribution to our of family, friends and to our environment.
We suggest the use of CHAKRAVIVA DVDs during inspirational programs for business, and coaching consultations.
It can also be available as a "time out" for employers during leisure or break intervals, or as a corporate gift for special occasions.
If you are an creative professional, or work alone at home, CHAKRAVIVA is a great tool to renew your creative flow and set the color of your day...


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