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"What a potent, experiential and educational piece of work on chakras. And so beautiful to behold!

It takes a special people with deep, direct experience, artistic acumen that is both subtle and sublime, and a complex integration of intuitive understanding and the ability to sort the complex and seemingly unknowable into bright bits of color and form that yield understanding.

This is intimate, personal, and deep work. We do not know where things come from or where they are going.  What we do know is that the source of our 7 basic energies is found in writings hundreds of years old. These DVDs take their audience into the chakras. We are gently guided and given the opportunity to feel them ourselves. We learn something of their truth. Because there are choice points along the way, participants are able to participate in the journey in ways that help create trust in our own instincts.

It is clear that this interactive technology is the culmination of an intense educational, intuitive and spiritual process. Clearly, the two of you speak not from and academic perspective, but with an inner validity. In creating this experience for others, a journey of light and movement, you have created a path to knowing, to balance, to harmony and to health. The Chakraviva DVDs are also a guide into yourself. They foster a glimpse of the mystery.They are a work for a master to enjoy and for the beginner to be inspired and learn.

This is truly beautiful, beautiful piece of work. Now I understand why such and mystical and massive undertaking took several years. I see it as a real contribution to the energy work field and feel it will be a major resource for chakra work for many years. "

Len Zunin Phd

"Very celtic in nature and so beautiful..."
Maureen J. Simon, Founder and Creative DirectorThe Essential Feminine Company

" CHAKRAVIVA is a piece of ART that combines spirituality with esthetic technology. The result is a leading edge tool with artistic beauty.

This visual journey creates a spiritual opening in time.

The depth of creativity of CHAKRAVIVA is a reminder of our own creativity, as well as,  an invitation to awakening it. It has a mirroring quality _ at each time you view it, the images reflect new perspectives. The most benefits will come from watching it several times, it really grows with you.

The images are captivating, the flow of colors has a magnetic quality that invites you into a subtle inner movement. There is a natural openness that happens at  a physical, mental and emotional level, which is deep and pleasant.

The images and sound embrace you, as various layers unfold simultaneously. Each time it is different. This effect is truly fascinating.

Just watching it without any preconception is transformative. The movements take the viewer into a relaxing state, in receptivity."

G.C. School teacher (Mill Valley, CA, USA)

"Fascinating journey even for a person like me who has never known about chakras. I can feel the effect in my body.

And the beauty of the images combined with the sound in synchronicity has made me feel very alive and relaxed."

L. A. Lawyer (São Paulo, SP, Brazil)

"These images made me jump to dance, made me cry, touched my heart and my body in ways that I cannot describe.

I have a wish to watch it many times to let my body respond spontaneously, to be surprised from inside out."

E. S. Marketing Consultant (Denver, CO, USA)

"CHAKRAVIVA is a sensorial experience using the most modern technologies to induce states of relaxation and meditation, as well as to activate creative responses.

The animation and the design work are exquisite as they harmonize the grace of the dance with the extremely beautiful music created create to make every cell of the body vibrate.

It is rare to find such an integration between different arts at such high quality level. Really amazing work!

Congratulations to all who gathered their energies to create such an innovative and beautiful result!"

A. C. Graphic Designer (RIo de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil)

"WOW! that is ART in the most alive sense of this word.

Chakraviva has touched my body, my heart, my soul, has made me feel alive and dance as a feather, awakening the subtlest movements, like my cells were dancing inside.

I love the integration of the dance with the colors and music, seamless throughout all the sequences. And the effect is profound in a way that is relaxing and vibrating at the same time...

At the side, the set of cards is brilliantly inspiring... A play of poetry and again BEAUTY! IT has become my daily inspiration, as even when I get the same card, the poems are reflecting different moments and open to new perspectives... The combination of the DVD and the cards is certainly to be used again and again..."

P.G. Film Maker and Yoga Teacher (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

" That is the first time that I did not need to translate something with my mind. I can "see" with my body, it touches directly. It engages the wisdom of biology that already knows how to harmonize itself.

The images do not make your trip in imagination but engage the inner biology fully. It is physically enticing, I can feel intelligence tickling inside, vibrating within the colors. I got drawn into it, like diving into the colors.

Chakraviva taps the space that is the union of all the body systems. It resets the timing and the pace of that wisdom. It recognizes and reflects it.

It is a language of infinity, as each person who sees it will be calibrated uniquely.

The images activate all the colors inside and outside in pure vibration, as all the senses are engaged.

Usually we limit our perception to one or few senses and get trapped in them.

This flow of integrated sensorial activation speaks of space-information, the vibrational field that cannot be translated in words, in linearity. It simply embraces all we are in constant flux.

The images are like a loom that weaves space.

Through the mind we individualize ourselves within a particulate space and we have to draw bridges to relate to other's space limitations. However, this is simultaneously and direct.

This experience opens into a continuing unfolding like a star that is gathering life force to itself - from there you can radiate out!

Going through the whole sequence I felt enlivened and simultaneously deeply relaxed, like light was coming off my body...

It was both activating and expanding.

The duality in the mind is always trying to chose in or out, at different points along the way.

WHY CHOOSE? We can be in and out at the same time! Dancing!

The tree knows the whole story. What comes true is this remembering, the wholeness.

The music is exquisite because it has everything in it: indigenous, stellar, elemental, rhythms, it is awesome!

The music fill all the space flow pulse play!"

K.M. Psychologist (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

"I can appreciate how much work and care you have put into it.  Also quite a lot of teamwork in the making of it.

May it grow wings and roots and settle all over.  It is a gift of beauty."

N. M. Therapist (Stockholm, Sweden)

"What a beautiful work! Has put me into a trance... Relaxing and inspiring. I want to watch it again, just so rich ~ all the images and dance and music.

You created an amazing piece of art and at the same time, it has such an effect not only to look at, but to feel it... the movements, the sounds, the colors are penetrating deep inside my body. "

S. B. Resort Owner (Sayulita, Mexico)

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