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For the last 25 years, Komala Lyra and Sidd Murray-Clark have shared meditation and inner exploration, traveling the world, immersed in different cultures, philosophies and aesthetics of the East and West. CHAKRAVIVA is an integration and profound outcome of their journey.

​Komala has dedicated her life to the discovery of inner freedom, using the healing arts, dance, art and meditation as her path and passion. Her work focused on revealing and refining the delicate nuances of human sensitivity, honoring the body as a vehicle for consciousness. A pioneer in the field of light-colortherapy and subtle body healing, she brings a wealth of experience that is grounded intuitive and precise. Her understanding of the energetic qualities of the chakra system is both practical and mystical.

Komala is the author of several books and articles published in several languages, including “The Rainbow Body” 1994 (out of print), "Colortherapy in Practice" 1995 (out of print), “On the Way to NowHere” 2004 (IUniverse), “Ayurveda, Relationships, Sexuality” 2013, "Aromatherapy and the Five Elements" 2013. She has developed  AYURVEDA MANDALA, a unique educational program, offering professional training, retreats and personal consultancy internationally.


Sidd views life and art as an ongoing interaction between the inner and the outer perceptions of life. Sidd explores the dance between spirit and form, using art and design to facilitate creative responsiveness, bringing more awareness and receptivity to the flow of life. As an artist, designer and teacher, he is a master alchemist of the creative process for energetic transformation. His depth of artistic sensitivity enriches the vision and creation of CHAKRAVIVA.

Sidd  is the founder of  “Creative Vision For Life”, a program of workshops and inspirational tuition combining creativity and meditation. He is currently completing his book, “ZO” based on this program. Sidd is the author, designer and illustrator of ‘History of the Future’ (Simon & Schuster New York & Doubleday UK), author & creator ‘Paper Craft’ (Chronicle Books) as well as book designer, cover and content illustrator for many other published projects.

Sidd resides in Japan, and exhibits his art worldwide. More information about his work can be found at

Peter Wassenberg has a background and education in music, specializing in percussion for classical and contemporary genres though he naturally experiences music at its profoundest level - as the intrinsic vibration of life itself. He effortlessly translates this special gift into all his projects and creativity, whether composing or in performance, on stage or in the recording studio.

After graduating in Visual Communication & Design, Peter has developed as a producer and director for film & video productions and stage performances leading to a rich and varied wide range of projects. His clients include Volkswagen group and NUR Touristics while his creative projects include unique performance and recordings for art galleries and meditation events in Cologne Germany, including “Altar of the seven swords”.

His deep longing and creative gifts continually inspire his quest for a music and sound that can bring us all into communion with existence. He brings this fine and healing integration to the soundtrack of chakraviva.


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