Healing  harmony and synchronicity


Healing happens when our inner orchestra is playing in synchronicity, when our body is listening to our heart, when our heart is whispering spirit's songs, when the soul expresses its uniqueness, when there is no conflict between now and yesterday, or today and tomorrow, when we experience life's pulse beyond time frames.
CHAKRAVIVA resonates with the specific frequencies of each color as vibrations that activate the different organs' systems, thus inviting their orchestration to come into harmony. it supports our liver  to listen to our heart beat, it connects our intestines  with the wisdom of our stomach, it links our eyes and taste so we can choose proper nutrition, it resets our impulses in real time so we respond rather than react... 
Healing comes with playfulness, with a smile, with a deep breath.... 

CHAKRAVIVA HEALING SOUND                                                                                        all rights reserved 2013

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